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Ingredients: Zinc Lactate (4 mg of zinc per tablet)

Benefits: Essentially for optimal physical performance and energy levels, for protein synthesis and proper functions of red and white blood cells; participate in synthesize of more than 200 metalloprotease and nuncleic acid, enhance immunity and accelerates wound healing and supports reproductive system of men and women and helps with infertility.

Key Knowledge: ” Zinc is such a critical element in human health that even a small deficiency is a disaster” written by researches. Zinc is no important because it is found in every tissue in the body and is directly involved in cell division. It is powerful antioxidant, helping to prevent cancer; but zinc also is directly involved in proper endocrine functional the maintenance of ideal hormone levels.

Zinc deficiency:

Zinc deficiency makes both men and women infertile and causes low libido, Low zinc also exacerbates the effects of stress on the body and accelerates aging. Be aware that zinc deficiency is not only prevalent in malnourished individual or developing countries. Rather, it is widespread in the USA and Europe in men , women and children. Zinc deficiency will produce an altered sense of taste leading to craving of saltier, sweeter food. It can also be indicated by diarrhea, low energy, chronic fatigue, infertility, poor immunity, bad memory inability to focus, ADD symptoms, slow wound healing, nerve dysfunction, and ringing in the ears.

For male reproductive healthy:

Zinc is a critical mineral for robust testosterone levels and the cells of the male prostate require ten times more zinc than the other cells in the body to stay healthy and perform optimally. Zinc deficiency in men impairs testosterone production, puts them at risk for developing prostate cancer, and causes infertility, inadequate zinc has also been linked to low libido.

For Female Reproductive Health:

In women, zinc is involved in the growth process of the oocyte of egg. If women are zinc deficient, the egg won’t mature properly and ovulation will be impeded, causing infertility. Adequate zinc allows women to use estrogen and progesterone efficiently.

Enhances immune system:

zinc deficiency profoundly affects the immune system because low zinc produces a direct and rapid decline in T cells function.T cells elevates the body’s immune system when viruses,bacteria,challenges to health arise.Older people are at greater risk of zinc deficiency, which is not solely due to poor dietary intake.There’s evidence that a need for more zinc may increase with age to counter inflammation,support the immune system,and ensure healthy cell function.

Protects cardiovascular system.

Zinc is vital to maintain the health of cardiovascular cells and the endothelium.The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that lines the blood vessels and plays a major roll in circulation.Low zinc can cause a deficiency in the endothelial barrier, which Leeds to high cholesterol buildup and inflammation.Cholesterol and inflammation increase your risk of heart disease.

Prevent diabetes

Zinc is needed for the healthy function of most hormones, including insulin.Zinc binds to insulin so that insulin is adequately stored in the pancreas and released when glucose enters the blood stream. Zinc helps insulin binds to the cell and “opens the door” so that the glucose enter.If the cell is resistant to insulin,glucose will stay in the blood stream,cause high blood sugar,and ultimately lead to fat gain.When zinc concentration falls,there is a reduction in insulin secretion and pheripheral insulin sensitivity,which is persistent, will lead to diabetes.

A powerful antioxidant

Zinc is an excellent antioxidant that gets rid of free radicals which cause damage to cells in the body by bonding with them and neutralizing them.Zinc also targets free radicals that causes inflammation and especially effective at detoxifying heavy metals from the brain.

A powerful detoxifier

The progression of neurodegeneration and Alzheimer’s disease is accelerated by heavy metal build in the brain. Zinc can help get rid of those toxins, and it also helps maintain cellular homeostasis of brain cells.Zinc plays an essential role in neuro transmitter function and helps maintain brain structure and health.Also, zinc is part of enzyme that necessary for the anabolism of fatty acids in the brain membrane.This is very important because a key part of supporting brain health and function is to ensure the membrane gets the nutrients it needs.

Anti cancer

Can help cure a number of most severe health problems, especially cancer, prostate cancer and poor immune function.Low zinc plays a role in the development of most cancers since it is instrumental in healthy cell proliferation.Recent evidence links zinc deficiency to cancers of breast,colon, ovaries,lungs, skin and leukemia.

Suitable for:

People with insufficient of daily intake of zinc, with digestive problems, poor stomach acid,longer periods of intake of chronic medication, smokers, alcohol, birth control pill or on hormone replacement therapy, athletes,people who are physically active.




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