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Body Synchro Mechanism with 5 Position Lock Chrome 5* Normal Base
Double Taper Gas Spindle Black Nylon 5* Base
Standard without Arms Arms: LC 15, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 95, 150, 210, 220
Tension Adjuster Fabric Requirement for plain fabric: 1.75m or
Polished Aluminium 5* 700mm Dia. Base Seat: 0.75m & Back: 1m
Vertical Zip detail in centre of outside back Two seats can be made per 0.75m of fabric if
Two Piece: Plywood Seat & Moulded Foam Back the width is 1.5m or wider
Foam on Seat: High Density Injection Moulded Allow additional fabric for pattern matching
Foam on Back: Medium Density Injection
moulded with Steel Inserts


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